About Us

Simon Pendal Architect is a design based architectural practice. Established in 2005 we work on a range of projects from bespoke houses and housing prototypes to civic master plans and public commissions including recent projects for the City of Nedlands and Department of Housing. As architects we solve problems by working closely with clients, consultants, regulatory authorities and specialists. Our model of working seeks to establish engaging and memorable places in response to the physical context and brief requirements, creating projects that exhibit integration between design excellence and the social, economic and ecological principles of sustainability.

We are committed to delivering intelligently conceived and well executed projects. We are good listeners and are known for our ability to bring clarity to complex situations. This involves finding clarity of idea, appropriateness of form and richness of content. Our design approach aims to establish lucid and beautiful architecture based on the core principle of integrity. We aim to create elegant solutions; architecture that can touch the imagination and elevate experience, therefore intensifying human values and perceptions of the world around us.

Our working process involves rigorous research and commitment to finding a considered architectural strategy that can be developed as both pragmatic and poetic solution. It includes respect for place, creating a specific experience and establishing building works with low environmental impact.


Simon Pendal Architect continue to produce a steady output of high quality architectural work that has received recognition via awards and commendations. Our architectural ability has been consistently acknowledged at state, national and international level including invitations to exhibit our work at:

MONA, Hobart Tasmania in 2015

The Union of International Architects Exhibition and Symposium, Tokyo in 2011.

New Trends in Architecture - Tokyo, Niigata, Istanbul, Lisbon 2008-2010.

Simon Pendal Architect



Simon Pendal would like to acknowledge the significant contribution that the following people have made to our practice, the work and our work environment.

Stephen Neille (Pendal and Neille 2008-2015)

Rebecca Angus and Richard Black

Valerie Schönjahn, Callum Spurge, Alessia Mercuri, Miranda Menzies, Oliver Nyman, Chris Mewburn , Hannah Gosling, Ang Jun Verne, Yomna Ismail, Shane Winter, Brett Mitchell, Joe Matthiessen, Lena Lena, Xavier Pardos, Shiloh Perry and Nick Warner.